Samsung Ultrabooks in Russia Offer 250 GB Free Storage on Yandex.Disk!


Yandex.Disk is a file storage service that’s free and accessible from any device that’s internet-enabled. A service offered by Yandex, a leading internet search company in Russia, Yandex.Disk is making all moves to rise further. As per the latest announcement by the company, anyone buying Samsung Series 5 range of Ultrabooks will get Yandex.Disk preloaded. For now, this offer is just available for Ultrabooks that consumers buy only from retailers in Russia. The Ultrabooks are marked to go on sale this week in Russia.

Not only this, Yandex also offers users free storage space of 250 GB on the Yandex.Disk service, which is quite exceptional as compared to free storage that the firm has ever offered to users since its launch in April. Yandex is also adding English-language support to the service, which seems to be a move by the company to go global.

There is a speculation that Google plans to follow suit and offer similar services with Google Drive and Chromebooks in future. However, this deal marks the first of its kind both for Samsung and Yandex to bundle cloud-storage services on a laptop, which is going to make storage so much easier for users.

According to the press release by the company, Anton Zabannykh, Head of Personalized services, Yandex said, “No other service offers this much storage space for free as we do for Samsung Ultrabook buyers. Files stored on Yandex.Disk will of course be accessible on any device, not just the Ultrabook — as long as there is an internet connection.”

The addition of English language support in Yandex.Disk is the first time the company is trying to reach out to international market. This mark Yandex’s first attempt into international business, which the company’s founders were not keen to try because of Google’s dominance in the world.

Earlier also, there have been partnerships of cloud storage providers with device vendors to reach out to more consumers. Dropbox merged with handset maker Samsung and HTC while Box collaborated with LG to bundle storage with the handset purchase.

So what makes Yandex’s deal different is the fact that it will involve a lifetime account for users, while these other offerings in the market usually last for one or two years.

Currently, Samsung accounts for one of the top suppliers of laptops in the Russian market, and through this deal, Yandex can see how its free service marks a blueprint among users before it sets off for the global market. Yandex hopes to grow its customer base via its free service, which the company would plan to monetize in other ways such as advertising.

Other media services that Yandex offers include Yandex.Music, which also relies on cloud storage services to work.

Yandex also offers a wide range of specialized search, personalized and location-based services, including Yandex.News, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Mail, and Yandex.Maps.