Samsung Trolls iPhone X in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Commercial

We know that Apple and Samsung are two big smartphone makers who give stiff competition to each other. But how fair is for them to dominate each other. The latest commercial video of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears to break some rules of professionalism. The latest commercial dubbed ‘Growing up’ has song ‘I’m Moving On’ by Chyvonne Scott playing in the background.
The one-minute long commercial shows life of a long time iPhone user since he started using first generation iPhone. The idea was to show how iPhone is inferior to its competitor even after 10 years of its development. Throughout, the commercial stressed on the difficulty faced by Apple users and that Samsung was first to introduced the latest technology. The commercial ends with the iPhone user finally switching to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the eve of iPhoneX launch.
In the video, the Galaxy flagship manufacturer pocked Apple for its storage issues and lack of supply of its iPhone mobiles on launch which usually keeps people standing in queues. The video also ridiculed water resistance capacity of the old iPhones and lack of headphone jack in iPhone 7. The commercial indicated that a Samsung user did not have to face such issues and that it was first to bring the technology to Smartphones.
The latest Samsung release, Galaxy Note 8 was launched in September. It features dual rear cameras, 6.3 inches AMOLED ‘Infinity Display’ along with a new S Pen with better pressure sensitivity.
Well it is true that Apple introduced every feature after Samsung. Features such as waterproofing, wireless charging, camera quality and larger screens were adopted by Samsung long before Apple.
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Check out the hilarious video  here :