Nokia, the Finnish company tasted the waters of success all through its life but the scenario is different now.  According to the analysis firm International Data Corporation, the South Korean Samsung Company is ahead of Nokia in the Finnish market. Nokia holds only 33 percent as compared to its 48 percent holding in 2012 whereas Samsung holds 36 percent as compared to 28 percent last year.


Samsung is opening a new high-tech research and development facility in Espoo, Finland – home of Nokia on June 13. This center will be a branch of the Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK (SRUK) to make its importance feel in the European market, as referred to ZDNet’s Liam Tung by Samsung.


The South Korean company’s expansion plans are still vague except some small details found by Engadget that the research hub will be named Samsung Electronics Research Institute (SERI). This institute will also be the first headquarter of the company in the Nordic region.

Tizen smartphone, a high-end device with custom Linux operating system, instead of Samsung’s typical preference to the Android OS will be developed in SERI, according to Tung.

The trend in the phone market seems non favorable for Nokia now but its plan for a low-end feature phone for upcoming markets can set the wave turn in its favor.