There have been lot of rumours surfacing around Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 3, one of which suggested that the firm will release its upcoming device with a metal casing and flexible display.
However, the Korean manufacturer anticipates high demand for the phablet-style smartphone and wants no further delay in the release. As per reported by SamMobile, Galaxy Note 3 will be designed with the same polycarbonate material, just like its predecessors, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4.
Apparently, the Galaxy Note 3 will feature the 5.99 full HD AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The device is also rumoured to sport a quad-core Exynos 5 octa-processor, which is also featured in few selected international versions of the Galaxy S4. With the design same as the latter, the Galaxy Note 3 will have a thinner bezel with a large screen size as compared to the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2.
Earlier also when Samsung released the Galaxy S4, rumours had hit the shelves that the company will launch it with an aluminium casing. However, Samsung adhered to its usual ways and launched the device with a plastic casing.
We are hoping that the Korean company will release its Galaxy Note 3 with anticipated eight-core processor. However, the design of this device will be similar to the Galaxy S4 except for the size, which might be an inch larger.
For those who prefer a bigger size of phablet-style smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3 will make a great choice.
How did you visualize the phablet is going to look like? What was your anticipation of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3? Share your views with us.