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Samsung Scores Past Apple In Consumer Satisfaction In Handsets

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Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S5 handset received a lukewarm response from customers, it has managed to score over its arch rival Apple under the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Samsung scores past Apple in consumer satisfaction in handsets
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Fox News has reported that Samsung, which was under undue pressure owing to its declining profits, could now heave a sigh of relief as it has received a satisfaction rating of 81 points out of 100. This is 2 points more than what Apple scored in the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Samsung has scored over Apple at a time when Apple had just celebrated the successful launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Over 10 million units of these smartphone have been sold over the weekend. However, with Customer Satisfaction Index tilting in favour of Samsung, engineers and analysts at Apple will have to do some soul searching on the reasons behind Apple’s performance in the popularity index.

Samsung and Apple have been known rivals since long and with the departure of Nokia from the smartphone market; the playing field is level before these two key players. 

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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