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SAMSUNG S3 for Rs. 38000 …My Latest Crush…

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I hate losing an argument, specially to my husband. Though he is a sensible man who is capable of exercising budgetary restraint (and vehemently preaches the same specially when I go jewellery shopping with his credit card), however when it comes to gadgets there are times when he is downright irrational!! Our most recent pother was during evening tea when he started hinting about buying yet another smartphone.  After a half an hour’s parley he convinced me that our smart phones were not smart enough. A smartphone should be much more than just a 5 megapixel camera coupled to the plethora of applications which we seldom use, it should be coherent to our lifestyles and an extension of our personality.  And if you are wondering what phones we use, it wouldn’t be fair to divulge any details, especially the name because all said and done, they’ve served us well and we did love them at some point of time!

But they say that change is inevitable, we decided to hunt for a phone that would make our frenzied lives easier, a phone which was faster, smarter, capable of replacing our laptops and most importantly ergonomic.

After much looking around we stumbled upon a phone which seemed custom made for our requirements and my husband instantly named it – the King of Kings, the phone was Samsung Galaxy S3. There are no two ways about it that the latest offering from Samsung absolutely blew my mind too. So, without further ado let’s take a look at one of the best offering from Samsung’s arsenal this season:

Samsung Galaxy S3 is unbelievably smooth thanks to its 1.4GHz Exyno 4, quad-core which lets you slide through its interface seamlessly. The mighty quad core processor makes multi tasking a breeze so much so that you can play a video while messaging or editing a document simultaneously. The trump card of S3 is its 8 megapixel camera cum video recorder, so the  next time you come back from that exotic vacation, not only do you have HD photos but also the full length 1080p HD videos to re- live the experience.

Samsung understands that smart phone users are looking for a comfort level that goes beyond the features and applications which is exactly why the S3 comes with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen (1,280×720 pixels) imparting sheer brilliance to the display and touch and feel of the phone an absolute delight.

The S3 will be launched in two colors -marble white and pebble blue. For me, both the colors work really well as they are neutral yet luxurious. The white version is shiny plastic with  silver enunciations adding  a premium touch to it on the other hand the “pebble blue” color is a clear winner owing to its gray overtones and brushed finish.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has a 1.9 megapixel front- facing camera which by the way is the best in its class till date and enhances the video chatting experience like never before.

Like any other Andriod, the S3 comes stuffed with applications but the app which absolutely floored me was the S Voice, Samsung’s answer to Siri. It works as promised, doing things like fetching the maps, weather forecasts, making calls, controls volume and so on…

So basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 is smart phones which actually got SMARTER and I for one am sold . But it still doesn’t change the fact that I hate losing arguments to my husband.



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