Saturday, December 2, 2023

Samsung Plans to Ship 510 Million Phones in 2013

Samsung-Galaxy-2013 half billion phonesThe new year is already making waves. Here’s another big news for the new year. According to a Korean newspaper, smartphone manufacturer Samsung plans to ship more than half a billion phones in 2013, 510 million to be precise. With this, the company would be breaking its 2012 record.

The estimate for 2013 is a 20% increase over the 420 million phones Samsung is estimated to have shipped for 2012. Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper said that of the 510 devices, 390 million would be smartphones while the other 120 million would be feature and budget phones. Samsung has become a leader in cellphone technology in a short span and it is ready to take over Nokia as a global leader.

The Samsung Galaxy range has become a market hotseller and with a US court refusing a ban on Samsung products as sought by Apple, they are likely to have a long way to go.

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