Samsung New Smartphone With Surround Display & Sliding Camera

Samsung New Smartphone With Surround Display Sliding Camera

The South Korea tech giant Samsung is now developing a new smartphone with surround display and sliding camera.  Loved for its cutting edge technology, Samsung’s future smartphone will come with a transparent casing. Thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), this device can also recognize user patterns and adjust the information displayed accordingly. 

As reported by renowned Dutch media, Lets GoDigital, the 70-page patent titled “Electronic Device” states that the new smartphone will not have any physical buttons. The progressive design of the phone will have a 100% 100% screen surface along with some very special functions in development.

Samsung New Smartphone With Surround Display & Sliding Camera 1

Specifications of Futuristic Samsung Smartphone

The smartphone wears a curved display in the front. A flat screen is applied to the back has several semi-rounded displays at the edges.  The housing consists of a transparent material that can transmit light.  All necessary components are placed inside, even under the surround display, for this purpose support columns are used. Thus, the components are not visible despite the housing being transparent.

Samsung New Smartphone With Surround Display & Sliding Camera 2

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When discussing the sensors, the smart device is expected to come with an in-display fingerprint sensor and an under-display camera sensor at the front. However, since the device is mostly screen, both at the front and back; the company has decided to hide the primary back camera behind the unique sliding mechanism. This means that, at the very first look, the back camera will not be visible to users, until they slide down the wrap-around display a bit.

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The transparent housing comes with several advantages, as it allows the device to adapt to the changing environment. This means that the device as a whole can change depending on external factors, such as the weather, area, etc. The game changing device will have a pretty modern look and feel for customers. However, we are not sure when and if the patent will make its way to the market as the futuristic smartphone is still in the idea stage.

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