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Longer Battery Life? Find Out How Samsung Is Trying To Beat The Odds

Longer battery life in Smartphones has always been a far-fetched dream but now it seems Samsung might just have a way to enhance the same without increasing the overall size of the battery. In case the Korean giant can work around with silicon and graphene coating, then the problem will be sorted, according to Business Korea. This will actually help in replacing the graphite cathode, which finds a place in all batteries at the moment. The latest breed of silicon can hold stay alive for a longer time.

Samsung To Innovate Over Battery Build To Enhance Its LifeWhy Is This A Boon?

So charging on alternate days can be a possibility and why just smartphones, successful implementation of this technology/material will be a boon for the laptop and related industries. Before you get too enthusiastic, keep in mind that this technological innovation might take more than a couple of years to implement across the vast array of consumer products.

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How Long For The Tech To Work?

In case this latest battery tech will reach the working stage then it will have to pass through certain regulatory standards and safety means. The maker also needs to make sure that the technology is affordable enough to use on a mass-scale.  Therefore, it needs to meet viability levels as seen on the standard lithium-ion pack of today’s phones.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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