Samsung In Talks With Carbon Fiber Experts, Set to Make Tougher Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Samsung has temporarily suspended the 4.3 jelly bean update for many of its devices as users had encountered technical issues with their devices after they had updated them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3In a bid to make its smartphones durable and tougher, Samsung has recently announced joining hands with SGL Group that deals in the making of strong carbon fiber material.

Touted as Samsung SGL Carbon Composite Materials, the 50-50 partnership will supply material that Samsung will use in its products and applications including consumer electronics, medical devices and engineering applications.

Hoping to leave its plastic devices in the rear, Samsung aims to stay at the peak in creating lightweight devices made of carbon fiber. We are guessing that the successors of  Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung galaxy note 3 would have the tougher and sturdier.

Previously, Samsung defended its use of plastic in products such as Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung galaxy Note 2, saying that it helps the firm to create handsets resourcefully, that too faster.

In the wake of offering strong devices, firms such as HTC and Apple also switched to aluminum casing for the One and iPhone 5 devices.

Now with Samsung joining the league, maybe the firm realized it’s time to give users smartphones with quality materials, with total value for the money they invest in.