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Samsung In Mood to Hit below The Belt to Protect The Galaxy S4 Against The HTC One?

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We figured that the world leader in smartphones, Samsung, had reason to be worried about the gorgeous HTC One. But we didn’t expect the company to be so worried that it would resort to dirty tactics to score higher points by bringing the HTC One down. Ahead of the Galaxy S4’s launch in the U.S. markets, Samsung has reportedly paid Taiwanese student to post fake negative reviews about its competitor, the HTC One, online.

The HTC One is also expected to launch in the U.S. shortly, but in the meantime, investigations into this allegation are already on at the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC). The fake reviews show the HTC One in a bad light while raining praises on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

A Taiwanese website brought this practice to light when it published documents from a marketing firm that Samsung had purportedly hired for this purpose. The documents contained information about these negative reviews posted on various tech sites.

One of the posts remarked how the user experienced frequent crashing of the HTC One, while another one talked about how Samsung’s Galaxy Note was a better device in comparison with the HTC Sensation XL. There was also a post that described how the Galaxy S3 fared better in benchmark tests against the HTC One.

Samsung, on its part, has already issued an apology and has stated that it will put an end to such marketing tactics. However, it might be slapped with a fine of up to NT$25 million if the Taiwan FTC finds any truth in these allegations.


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