Samsung is going to launch a Tizen-based smartphone at the end of second quarter of Samsung Gears to Launch Tizen-Based Smartphone towards the End of Second Quarter of 20142014 as told to Reuters. Thus, it is going to mark the debut of the highly anticipated and much rumored Samsung’s mobile operating system, Tizen.

The smartphone is expected to be a high-end device that could give a tough competition to other smartphones powered by Android OS or iOS. Samsung is also expected to offer a mid-range Tizen-baed smartphone towards the end of this year.

Samsung is consciously bringing in this OS to reduce its dependence of Android. Moreover, the company also wants to challenge and change the duopoly of iOS and Android by launching Tizen. However, the expectations and craze for this OS is declining with each passing day due to the fact that Samsung is taking too long to launch it in the market.

Android is still going to be Samsung’s “main business,” as put in by Yoon Han-Kil, the senior vice president of the product strategy team of Samsung. Thereby, Windows Phone and Tizen is going to serve the market where Android is not very popular.

He also said that Samsung has a new strategy after their attempt to launch Tizen with Orange and DoCoMo failed due to poor market conditions. The company would release Tizen based smartphones in countries where they can do good business. He also opined that Tizen could be termed as a successful venture if Samsung can sell atleast 15% of its smartphones powered by this OS.

This is all of the details Yoon has provided as of now. He is supposed to announce a lot more soon, like the models and specifications of the Tizen-based smartphones, the exact date of the launch, the carriers on board and the specific countries where the handsets would be released. However, if you want to know how this OS works or how its UI looks, get hold of a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch that runs on Tizen.

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