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Oh! Wow Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Samsung Galaxy S4 Promise A New Beginning With A Popping Up Of A Game Pod

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With the popping up of the Samsung Game pod on the site of  Samsung Galaxy S4 are we waiting for the launch of “ta-bone?”—a much bigger “ph-ablet”!

Easy-to-use features that will surely wow game lovers Well if you are looking for an easy-to-use gaming controller that can be played on-the –go and is compatible with devices up to 6.3 inches – then this game pad is certainly for you. With One Touch Bluetooth Pairing features (which are via Samsung’s NFCTectile system) and fully optimized buttons; the Samsung Galaxy S4 is all set to change gaming experiences of the future. The gaming controller is programmed to run well with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 as well.

Larger screen size and other features The Game pad is available in 4”~6.3” screen sizes and comes equipped with Shoulder Keys, Dual Analog stick, 4 Action Buttons and a powerful remote controlling function.—making your home gaming experiences all the more fun filled and enthralling on a big screen. However, the large size of the Game Pad screen (which goes up to 6.3 inches) gives some food for thought—Samsung’s largest screen size at the moment is 5.5 inches in its Note 2. So will the upcoming Note 3 be more of a tablet than a phone – or a “Ph-ablet”?

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