Three whistles for Samsung for bringing out two impressive mid-range smart phones, the Galaxy Young and the Galaxy Fame, at MWC 2013. Both the beauties from Samsung have Jelly Bean forming their backbone and as far as specifications of the phone are concerned, they won’t sent a fiery lightening shot  through your mind. And we can’t complain either as the price points of these phones have been kept real low.

Samsung Galaxy Young sports a 3.27-inch display with a decent pixel density of 480 X 320. The camera has a 3 MP camera and is driven by 1 GHz processor coupled with 768 GB RAM. A micro SD slot can always be used to expand the memory of the phone. The phone comes equipped with almost all connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. What really wows us about this Galaxy young chap is that it comes with Jelly Bean but what makes us snooze is its 1300mAh battery which barely lasts a day.

Now going to Samsung Galaxy Fame, the phone comes with a 3.5 –inch display and a resolution of 480 x 320, which unfortunately makes for an average viewing experience. With a 5 MP camera to shoot, it corners out Galaxy Young.

Just like Galaxy young the phone is powered by 1 GHz Processor though its 512 MB RAM makes it a tad bit slow. Just like