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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Vs Upcoming Apple iPad 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: Is It A Redefining Moment For Tablet Market?

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We’ve not even crossed January but 2013 is looking to be an exciting year for the gadget-freak, already! Amidst the recent rumors of new tablets that Samsung is bringing out later this year, we’re also hearing a lot about what’s going on at Apple. Supposedly the company is busy working on a new version of the fourth-generation iPad, this one with 128 GB of internal storage space. So what’s so new about it?

In terms of design, don’t expect much to change as it’s in keeping with the iPad 4. This new device is being described as a “premium SKU” (stock keeping unity) and is expected to carry the label “Ultimate”. But can we expect to see Apple retailing the 128 GB model of the iPad for commercial purposes? Or is it being made on special order for specific businesses, e.g. the government? That’s something we’d like to know more about.

But even if it does come out in the market, is the memory upgrade going to be enough for it to steal the limelight away from upcoming Samsung devices like the Galaxy Tab 3 and the Galaxy Note 8.0? Samsung’s upcoming tablets pack quite the punch, with their quad-core processors and 2 GB RAM. What makes them even more appealing is the size options – the Galaxy Tab 3 will feature a 7-inch display, while the Note 8.0 with its unique 8-inch display makes for the ideal balance between performance and portability.

Hopefully, the 128 GB iPad 4 isn’t the only iPad offering Apple’s bringing out in 2013. For a commendable rival, we’re hoping Apple’s already working on far better specs on the iPad 5, as well as an improved user interface in the iOS too. Maybe then it’ll be able to catch people’s attention. What say?

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