What is it with Samsung? Seamless launches that are almost hitchhiking on the back of predecessors and Samsung has turned into a market fave. This time we came across snippets of another Samsung tab in the making—the Roma. What we believe is Roma might just be a synonym of the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus. Going back to the Mobile World Congress 2013, we recall that Roma was slated to be part of a range that would debut at the Congress. However, the Roma remained a mere rumor.

This time the Galaxy Tab 3 has acquired more waist width at 10.5 inches, the tab is set to spit fire. With a 1.5GHz dual-core processor fuelling the flames, the tab also come armed to a 3-MP shutter. A poor configuration after we had had 5-MP on the Samsung Galaxy S Duos and 8-MP on the Samsung Galaxy Grand. Coming back to Roma, we found at that it might probable boast of a 1GB RAM.  Only! With Android Jelly Bean breathing life into the Galaxy Tab 3, perhaps its reputation could be salvaged. However, until now, the Samsung Grand and the Galaxy S Duos lead the pack—Roma might not be a grown up guy’s glove after all.