Tablet fans—get ready for some speculations. With the competition taking great strides in the low cost, 7 inches arena, the going has just got tougher with the entry of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. At $99, this 7 inch model with a 1280 x 800 screen I definitely a steal.

If you are looking towards the top shelf slates and are interested in buying the higher end models boasting of 10 inches, then Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus is the right buy for you. Assembled by the Korean giant, this 10.1 inch ~ 11.6 inch power packed gadget is expected to possess a Super AMOLED FHD screen and will be powered by a core Exynos 5 CPU.

Samsung is aiming to take on the Sony Xperia Z Tablet and the fourth-generation Apple iPad with this latest launch. The Samsung GALAXY Note III along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Plus, is expected to be launched at Berlin’s IFA 2013 in September this year. As per the buzz in industry circles, the Galaxy Tab slates will not use the stylus –as in the other tablets released by Samsung and will also be devoid of the features of Smart Stay, multiwindows and more.

So, get ready for these cool drives from the world of Samsung.