Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On Review: A Sexy Delicate Darling

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus review

With every new release, Samsung seems to be working harder to retain their space in the smartphones market. The company routinely experiments with innovative designs and features. To an extent where they have also lured avid Apple users. Latest in their kitty is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is quite an example of how workmanship can make a phone stand out from the crowd.

S6 Plus hand on reviewLets first talk about its design. The phone has a silver titanium built instead of the plastic casing that we are used to. Metal gives an instant sophistication to the phone. Smooth round edges and a glossy finish further refine the look. Note here that this phone is a delicate darling and will need careful handling.

A metal and glass construction makes the phone slippery but if you are one of those who really like to flaunt a good-looking phone, this one is for you. The volume rocker and power button are easy to reach. What I don’t like about this phone is the placing of the home button, which is located on the lower bezel. Why not go for a digital home button?  We are innovating right…

The curved display is appealing but a word of caution for callous people. If it drops, reviving the screen would be an arduous task.

We spoke to some users of the phone. S6 Edge Plus user Priyanka Sharma says, “Ergonomic, not really….with this size tough to achieve. Was not even expecting it. It’s expensive but it’s sexy both in looks and features. Quad HD display is sharper than any other phone available in the market.” (sic)

Not much has changed under the hood. It has a 4GB RAM and an expandable memory of up to 32 GB. The phone runs on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 but we are expecting a Marshmallow update soon. The interface has all the general features of any other high-end Samsung phone. Gear app, S Health, S Voice, SideSync, Galaxy App store and S Planner. You get it all.

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Lets come to the camera. Avid user Manasvani Yogi says, “It has a wonderful camera, better than the iPhone 6.” The phone works well even in low light conditions and offers editing with various effects. Users can view these changes in real time. It has a 19MP rear camera with F1.9, which results in heavy pictures that often eat into your storage space.

For those who use their phones extensively, the long battery life of 14 hours helps. It has a 3000mAh battery that can be revived with a wireless charging feature.

“The wireless charger is quite cool and convenient. Camera is great too. I enjoy the big screen for reading and writing,” adds Sharma.

It also comes packed with a live broadcast feature which lets you stream your phone’s screen contents on your YouTube channel.

Lastly the phone has a superb call quality and most of the users say they have not experienced any call drops yet.

The final word here. If you want a beautiful phone with breakthrough features, go for this Samsung beauty.