Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Specs Which Would Blow Your Mind Away

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

The remarkable deluge of speculations, rumors and so called “leaks “are making a buzz on the tech circles on the heels of the release of the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S5.

The alleged features and specs of the Samsung S5 will likely include a flexible display ( considering that most smart phone models are expected to flaunt the same in the near future) along with a much more advanced camera (which will possibly be the Galaxy S4 Zoom). Users are however awaiting the curved body of the device, which will make the same more comfortable for use and durable as well.

On the lines of the products released by Apple, Samsung is also looking towards imbibing the fingerprint scanner for further security and heightened protection of its coveted device. The most recent reports however relate to the ones revealed by Gotta Be Mobile and GSM Arena are linked with the integration of the Samsung Design 3.0.according to GSM Arena, “Reports are flying in today that the company’s top executives have met in Seoul to discuss where the look of its products, both internal and external, is going.”

In spite of all the exciting news and rumors, the one question which arises in the minds of the users is “What will this Designs 3.0 do for the S5 anyway?