As Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched a more than a month back , it may perplex many that we are observing a prominent surplus of alleged data about the next- gen handset known as Samsung Galaxy S5.
Now the question that arises in our minds- What will be the features / Specs of Samsung S5 and how will it look like?

Proceeding with the questions to the variants of crowd tracking is tech enthusiast, writer, artist and monotheistic evolutionist- Bob Freking, who has been greatly reminisced from his concept for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that he targetted the crowd in identical trend post- release of the video in October 2012 asking the gadget users to contribute to all the features they would like to see in the upcoming handset.

Interestingly, Freking received nearly 50,000 views for his video entreating ideas from the gadget audience on what a Galaxy S4 model should look like along with numerical comments.

Ostensibly, Samsung thought little about the concept which led to Freking  to be in somewhat of a state of reprisal by posting a new video asking everyone who wants to take chunk to stimulus ideas for what they want in a Samsung Galaxy S5 concept.

Freking’s dissatisfaction as regards to the S4 is rather tangible in the video solicitation he’s released, as it embraces statements like-“I think Samsung really screwed up with the real S4’s design.”

Some of the many commenters scribble on the comment space , such as MrFlamencolee, who says, “4GB ram, 128GB rom, micoSD, 8 core Exynos, dual 5 inch, 1080p screens in a folding wallet format, 20 mp rear cam, 5mp front cam, all existing sensors +thermometer. Perhaps 1 amoled and 1 eInk display or both amoled. Built in blood pressure measurement device.”

Likewise, Users who are interested in sharing their valuable views in the Freking Galaxy S5 concept design, you can post through the video below. For the moment, you can check out the Galaxy S4 concept design video of Freking’s which, since last November, has already received more than 800,000 views .