Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S5: Samsung Pitches Again in Race to Leave Apple iPhone 6 Far Behind

We tech enthusiasts sure are a greedy lot. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has just about hit the markets, but some of us have already started speculating on what Samsung’s next flagship smartphone would offer. Here’s a list of what we’d like to see Samsung put in the Galaxy S5.

More power: And no, we don’t just mean increasing the cores. Samsung has already gone beyond quad-cores and onto 8-cores, so yes, we can expect the Galaxy S5 to have at least an 8-core processor. But we’d also like to see more than just 2 GB of RAM in the Galaxy S5.

Price: Nothing much should change in this category. Like the Galaxy S4, Samsung could offer its next flagship too at around $200-250 with a contract and the unlocked version for around $650.

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Camera: Would it be unrealistic of us to expect Samsung to feature at least a 20 MP camera in the Galaxy S5? We know we sound greedy, but that’s pretty much the only way to beat competition like Sony.

Release date: Maybe the Galaxy S5 could hit the markets within a year. Should we start the countdown already?

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