Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to come with 21 MP cameras. The recent leaked image of the device indicates that with host of other features, Galaxy S5 will come with a state of the art camera.

According to report by, “Flipboard user @123fliptest took the opportunity to upload a photo taken from of the model number SM-G900-V, which is reportedly Samsung Galaxy S5. Based from the EXIF data, the resolution of the photo is 5312 × 2988 pixels.

If this leak regarding the feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 deems true, then for Apple iPhone 6 has tones of things to worry about. S5 is already rumored to come in two versions and with S4 emerging as hit fans can’t wait to have their hands on the device. Other than this what will really lure fans towards S5 will be its enthralling features including QHD display with 2K resolution. octocore Exynos 6 chipset or Snapdragon 805 SoC for 4G/LTE variant, Android 4.4 Kitkat OS and a 2900 mAh.

 Meanwhile as contrary to the phablet rumors, Tim Cook has not given any indication regarding the size of the iPhone 6. Samsung and other major Android players have already captured the market with bigger screen phones and probably that was the reason why iPhone 5C and 5S were not a befitting success.


Let us know what do you think will be the fate of iPhone 6 in front of Samsung Galaxy S5. Will it emerge as a winner or not?