Samsung has finally launched Gear 1 and Gear 2 smart watches, both powered by Tizen.  This was the story before the release of the Galaxy S5. A smart move as these watches can be paired with most high-end Samsung smartphones.

The watches will have a camera placed at a better location, enhanced support for capabilities, music features via blue tooth. However, the down side is that the battery is not very powerful.

The latest Samsung Gear 2 watches powered by the Tizen OS will have AMOLED screens with a diameter of 1.63 inches, one GHz dual core processors, two mega pixel cameras, 512 MB Ram with 4GB of internal storage and a battery of 300 mAh.

Apart from the watches, there will also be a Tizen powered smart phones as well. This was seen at the Tizen App Challenge, a product that Samsung is yet to confirm. Meanwhile, leaked photos give us a glimpse on what the Galaxy S5 might look like and that it is all set for launch. The S5 models could come in gold, white and black versions. 

The viral photos also show that the smartphone has an added feature- a mystery function- just next to the rear camera lens.