That Apple’s iPhone sales figures are rising while the sale of Samsung’s premier smartphone the Galaxy S4 is falling is a major reason why we might see the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 this year rather than next year as previously envisioned. Samsung has so far had great response to it Galaxy series smartphones. Yet the Galaxy S4 is too similar to the Galaxy S3. While it did improve the specification of the device, it never really bothered with the actual issues that the public had with the phone – it felt cheap and plasticky and was quite fragile when compared to its competitors.

Samsung has always responded with falling market share by releasing a new device. And considering that the Galaxy S4 is doing so badly, it is not inconceivable that Samsung will rush the release of the upcoming Galaxy S5 to ensure that they don’t lose momentum – something that Samsung has always had and in fact, momentum is the only reason that the Galaxy S4 did so well in the first place, it relied on the sales momentum built up by devices like the Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2.