G Pro 2 was christened as the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013, but the handset looks more like a LG G2 clone as per the press release revealed.Samsung will be launching two milestone gadgets at the 2014 MWC–Samsung Note Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Insider sources have said that they will be show casing a prototype of the flexible Note Slate, which will be bendable to about 90 degrees.     

Samsung has been making a lot of noise recently and customers are waiting to see what their next big gadget will be. The tablet prototype will allow users to switch from tablet to laptop mode easily, apart from this there are no additional details. Samsung may release the tablet in this year.

The Korean giant has been experimenting with flexible screens for a while and is slowly incorporating it into their more recently launched devices such as Samsung Galaxy Round. The latter had been seen at trade shows recently.  

Other companies like LG have also experimented with flexible screens of late. Apple plans to do something similar with the iPhone 6.  Experts have stated that these hint at what the future holds for smart phones as the market is saturate with similar offerings, with many companies racing to launch the next wave of gadgets trends. Samsung has also cited their patent filing for the foldable tablet.