cases_hero_mba_11Korean handset manufacturer Samsung is gearing up with the release of its latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors about the eminent release of the latest smartphone from Samsung are growing strong even as new reports about the device’s features continue to spring up online. The Galaxy S5 will be the latest shot by Samsung to develop a best-selling smartphone on Android platform of all times.

Tech-giant Apple has released its latest flagship, the iPhone 5S. Thus, decision makers at Samsung are already aware what the Galaxy S5 will be competing against once it is launched in the market. It is likely that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S5 in first quarter of 2014, either May or April. It seems that Apple is tied up with an upgrade cycle that much resembles that of Apple. This means that it will not be releasing any new phones in the Christmas/festive season. This also implies that it will not be directly competing with a new iPhone in the market.

Samsung has made many attempts to beat the iOs platform smartphone and most of its releases are aimed at beating the iPhone. The Galaxy S4 came closest to beat the iPhone but it could not go all the way in its mission. With the Galaxy S5, the company hopes that it will be finally successful in defeating the iPhone 5S in the battle for smartphone supremacy. Indeed, the Galaxy S5 has to be incredibly brilliant to beat its arch nemesis.

If rumors are to be believed, then the Galaxy S5 will be an astoundingly fast device. The handset is expected to powered by a best-in-class, lightening fast processor and will pack in 3 GB RAM cache.  The Galaxy S5 will also boast of some killer features for beating the Apple flagship device.