Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Release Date Set For May 2014: 4 Confirmed Specs

Samsung has finally confirmed that its much-awaited galaxy Prime S5 is set to arrive on April 11. The second S5 installment form the Korean giant us officially christened the Galaxy S5 Prime. During the MWC last month, we had spotted a second avatar of the Galaxy S5.

According to Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger, we have sniffed news that the S5 is set to release in its exclusive version as the Prime. In fact, the specs are set to be a notch above what we have seen in the Galaxy series so far.

Pumping power into the smartphone is a processor of Exynos variant in octa-core avatar with 64-bit chip. The Galaxy S5 Prime features 4GB RAM that will be based on the process of 20-nanometer. The galaxy S5 Prime will also feature 2560 x 1440 ppi for its display.

The last confirmed feature for the Prime S5 is a metal body, while the makers had been at a metal exterior on its earlier Galaxy models too, this time we feel it is going to become reality after all. The toppings on the S5 Prime could come with a 16-MP clicker, hear-beat monitor and Android 4.4.2.