Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaked Specs- May See Beefed up 8GB RAM

580752_177066815832188_1938934067_nSamsung is now the first to develop an 8 GB Ram that will be the densest one that is currently available in the market. They say that this RAM will lower battery consumed by their smart phones by 40% and will also greatly improve the performance of the devices that will sport this RAM.

According to a press release statement from Samsung, The eight giga byte Ram is low powered DDR 4 DRAM for mobiles and will probably replace the LPDDR3 memory that Samsung is currently using some time on 2014.

Samsung says that the RAM will be a core component in their new Galaxy range of devices which is a good things considering this new rang of devices will include larger screens, with higher resolutions. They will also develop ultra slim notebooks and tablets with displays of 4K.

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Samsung had also stated that the Galaxy S5 will be the first phone to port the 8 GB RAM, it will also have a 64 bit chip set. 64 bit phones seems to be getting bigger meaning that more devices will have increased RAM space ad the Samsung LDDR4 announcement has come at perfect timing. 


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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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