Samsung is reportedly beginning mass production of its flexible screens that will be incorporated into future Samsung devices (Galaxy S5). Comparisons yielded the screen to be as big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s screen display.

Since the technology needs s tightening, the inclusion of flexible displays might be deferred. Curved batteries that match the flexible displays are yet to be manufactured.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release would most likely be in March 2014 and shall be on shelves April onwards. Although, rumors claim the upcoming S5 will probably make their presence felt at the Mobile World Congress in Feb ‘14.

The s5 houses a 64-bit processor, limbering up against the iPhone 5S. This factoid was backed by Korean news Web site Daum and stated that the processor chip is already on its final stage of production.

CEO JK Shin, also confirmed the news during the iPhone 5S release date events. Mr Shin stated that Samsung will bring 64-bit processors to the market next year.

Besides housing a powerful processor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 may also include other features, according to sources. These features include the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat, fingerprint sensor, Sharp’s new IGZO screen technology and a 4K screen resolution.