Samsung Galaxy S5 DisplayWith the passage of time, not only the screen size of tablets and smartphones has gone bigger and bigger, but the screen resolution has multiplied too and now the news is Samsung is coming up with a top notch technology.

With 1080HD resolutions as well as Retina display, the next gigantic step is to take things a level up. SamMobile has reported that Samsung is prepped and all-set to commence porting enthusiastically sharp 2560 x 1440 resolution devices early this year, probably arriving in the yet to be released Galaxy S5. Though it is not 4000 yet, but that’s next for sure!

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 5 inch 1080p screen with 441ppi, imparting a dynamic visual experience and sharp text for all features of the phone. But in 2014, Samsung is looking forward to take the number a little higher by raising the number to 550ppi and even more. The phrase “Retina Display” may state the difference, but it gets very difficult for the eye balls to find the difference.

Previously this month, at the Samsung Analyst day, the company talked about its next generation displays, apart from the curved flexible displays, which we’ve been talking about off lately and the super HD panels could come in several models of Smartphones in the whole of 2014. Analyst report, Samsung Galaxy S5 may be the first device to sport it, it will need many more popular smartphone, and these high resolution smartphones may not get released till Galaxy Note 4.

Another great aspect is Samsung releasing its AMOLED display to its tablet series, which hasn’t been witnessed in many products off lately. Providing complete full HD Super AMOLED display on the yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 could be the top most on the list. However, we will all get to know about in the year 2014.