Samsung Galaxy S5 And Prime Release Date: Top 5 Reasons to Buy

Samsung is at the top of its game and its MWC trump release, Samsung Galaxy S5 is being awaited with a bated breath. Now we caught up on  the buzz that the maker is set to launch a Prime version of their latest offering called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. The rumour of the Prime being made in a metal exterior is still not confirmed. However, we got hands on some awesome features that could give other smartphones  a run for their money. According  to @evleaks, the Prime could come beefed up with a variety of specs including—

•               Water resistant body and 2GB RAM

•               16 MP main shutter with ISOCELL technology, 0.3 sec auto focus

•               Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.5 GHz processor speed

•               16 GB on board storage, Expandable with SD slot beefed up with 2800 mAh battery

•               Enhanced display- 432 PP, 1920 x 1080p display

We got our reasons to drool over the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. In case you have another opinion, let us know.