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Samsung Galaxy S5 10 Killer Features: How Will It Harm Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales

The buzz is only growing stronger about the Samsung Galaxy S5 release.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release

If a recently published report is to be believed, then Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy S5 in 2014 February to compensate for the poor sales numbers of its present flagship Galaxy S4 and also to strongly compete with the Apple iPhone 5S.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 features

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is all set to take the Android-based smartphone market by storm in the coming year. There are several killer features predicted for the Galaxy S5. It is going to be available in two different OS variants and will also pack in ultra-slim RAM as well as an incredibly powerful 64-bit processor chipset. The Galaxy S5 will also be built with hazard protections. Unlike all other Samsung Galaxy series phones, the S5 will feature a complete metal chassis. What this means is that Samsung finally ditches the plastic body to make way for a stunning aluminum build for the S5. The S5 will not be seen in any plastic or polycarbonate body which may come as a sweet surprise to many Samsung loyalists.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales

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Samsung did not live up to its predications as far as the sales of S4 are concerned. It plans to turn the tide with the S5.



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