With another flagship smartphone released its time once again to pit all the flagship phones against each other. LG has decided to start calling its premier range of smartphones the G series phones instead of Optimus. The LG G2 actually comes off as being quite a good contender even in the neck to neck smartphone market – champions prepare for battle!

The LG G2’s specification certainly let it hold its own. All the phones run quad core processors mated to 2GB of RAM. The HTC One has the smallest screen at 4.7 inches and the Galaxy S4’s screen certainly has the most impressive colours while the LG G2 has the largest screen at 5.2 inches. The LG G2 has the best battery. All the phones actually have very impressive statistics and it is very difficult to choose a winner between the three. So let us try some different.

Let’s have a look at the ergonomics of these devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks nice, the amazing screen goes a big way to making its look so good and it feel light thanks to the material used to make it. At the same time it feels almost cheap and plasticky compared to the other two devices. The HTC One definitely looks the best of the bunch. I especially like the dual speakers on the top and bottom of the front of the phone. Great material lends a felling of actually holding something expensive and note worthy. The LG G2 certainly looks great! I like the LG has decided to try something different, with the power and volume buttons on the back under the camera – a very ergonomic choice considering that the phone has a 5.2 inch screen! And that screen is edge to edge, making the phone look very modern. All the phones have pretty nice software features and all use modified versions of the Android 4.2 platform. The HTC One is the most expensive of the lot and if LG can price the G2 competitively, they might be able to wrestle a big chunk of the high end smartphone from its contenders!