Finally, after so many weeks of rumors we finally got to see Samsung to take the wraps off its much talked about flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. And yes, what can we say, we’re blown away! So we decided to pit it against its archrival Apple’s beloved iPhone 5 to see if it can outperform this competitor.

Design: The Galaxy S4’s form factor does resemble its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, quite a bit – but bigger. It’s got similar pebbled edges and its all-plastic body feels quite light to hold, in spite of its size. But yet, unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than Samsung’s offering, and well, its all-metal body does have a nice premium look and feel.

Display: Let’s just start by saying that screen size was never really the iPhone 5’s strong point to begin with. And now when you put the iPhone 5 next to the Galaxy S4, its 4-inch screen with resolution of 640X1136 pixels pales even further in comparison with the latter’s 5-inch full HD display.

Experience: Of course, iOS has been around for a while and has the most number of apps on offer, but it’s getting a tad boring – nothing much seems to have changed in this world. On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 has a floating display and its new TouchWiz Nature UX interface makes the phone look much slicker. And then of course, there’s more things to do with its camera – we especially love the health angle of the Life Care hub, making it more versatile than the iPhone 5 could ever hope to be.