Samsung is taking lead from Apple and the biggest evidence of it came at CES 2103 event, when the Korean giant displayed its flexible displays which left the world awestruck.

Samsung is taking a step ahead in technology and it is cause of worry for its rivals, especially for Apple.

Samsung Flexible Display

The Telegraph reported that Analysts say the first uses for flexible displays are most likely to be in devices that are more durable than glass because they can absorb force rather than crack under it. The new technology is also likely to be used, Samsung said, to wrap displays around devices and allow them, for instance, to show information on their edges.

The flexible display is likely to come in later version of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Corning the Gorilla Glass builder, which is used in most of the phone displays is also said to be building flexible display called Willow. There are chances that with time instead of Glass Samsung would move to flexible display.

So can we hope the same for Apple iPhone 5S or not?

Samsung Flexible Display