Sony Xperia  Z is slowly and steadily becoming the most coveted phone after Samsung galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5. The company is aiming to take the third position just below Apple and Samsung from Huawei technologies which are planning to make it big in the high end smart phone market  with Huawei Ascend Mate. Huawei Ascend Mate gives a tough competition to Sony Xperia  Z with its 6.1 inch screen and 720 pixel density but if Sony Xpria Z stays on its selling spree and then in no time Sony would crack the high end market.

According to sources Sony Xperia Z has been sold out in many countries on the first day of pre-order, thanks to the release of phone  before  the launch of  HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4  which have their arms ready to capture the market.

Along with Sony Xperia Z , Sony is trying to capture the market with its low –end budget phones such as Sony Xperia E and Sony Xperia Sl.