For many of us waiting feverishly for the Nexus 5 – which is yet to come out of the maze of rumors, leaks and speculations, the question that arises is, “Is Google not ready for the Nexus 5?”

Well, the much awaited device may be unveiled along with a whole array of products at the products at the Google I/O next week, scheduled to take place in San Francisco. But will that be a little too early than expected?

Market watchers have already witnessed the early launch of the Galaxy S4—which was forecasted as the “next big thing”; much before it was ready for release. The media circles are abuzz with complaints pouring in regarding the phone overheating and batteries draining out sooner than required. These complaints had also marred the launch of the Galaxy S3.This has taken place in spite of the fact that there are hundreds of new hardware components along with one Android OS (alongside Samsung’s Tizen OS).

Like its competitor Samsung, Google has also been working hard on numerous products and services. This is great news as we all love to be introduced to new products, updates, upgrades and services; but then we may have to go through more complaints and product faults ; a la Samsung S4.

With Google focusing much of its energy on its upcoming Google Glass—which is all set to revolutionize the contemporary mobile phone industry, there may be plenty of changes in the wings for privacy issues and gaming controls in the days to come. It remains to be seen whether Google’s Nexus 5 will follow the trend of doling out disappointment due to an early release or succeed in making new benchmarks in the world of telecommunication and smart phones.