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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5S: Which Of Them Is Exaggerated Enough For Some Serious Drama

We’re just a few days short of the most anticipated launch when Samsung would finally reveal the Galaxy S4 to the world. And just before the phone comes out, rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5S have also been growing stronger. After the rather lukewarm performance of the iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple has decided to work extra hard at producing a remarkable device that could pull people away from Samsung’s flagship smartphone. its all about Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5S now!

One of the biggest issues about the iPhone 5 was, ironically, its rather small screen of just 4-inches. Especially when you put the iPhone 5 next to the Galaxy S3 with its 4.8-inch screen, it’s not hard to guess why more people chose the latter. So now, one of the first rumors we heard about the iPhone 5S is that it will come with a bigger screen, maybe 4.5-inches. But we’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could have a 5-inch screen. Will the 4.5-inch iPhone 5S manage to catch the eye of the consumer against the bigger Galaxy S4?

While Samsung is known for its preference for polycarbonate bodies owing to its durability, Apple has opted for metal casings for its devices. The metallic body gives it a premium look and feels for sure, but in the bargain, does make the device a tad heavier too. Now that the iPhone 5S is expected to get bigger, would Apple go the polycarbonate way too like Samsung? And will that earn the device more fans, or will Apple loyalists just feel disappointed?

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Samsung has met with considerable success with its S-Pen feature on the Galaxy Note phablets. We’ve heard that the massive Galaxy S4 could also have S-Pen capabilities. And now, the latest rumor surrounding the iPhone 5S is that it could also come with a stylus. Apple recently filed 3 patents for a stylus accessory, and in all likelihood, would be something quirky and unique, given Apple’s style. But even if it is more than just a stylus, can it capture the hearts lost out to Samsung Galaxy S4? We at TechThirsty have our doubts, but we’re eager to see what Apple brings out.

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