I am counting the minutes and seconds before the clock ticks to the hour Samsung Galaxy S4 would come into my nimbly hands. I have been partial to Samsung ever since it brought out its Chat-laced phones. Now with the world going gaga and drooling over all Samsung babies, the Galaxy S4 is no less than a wonder kid. Here are a couple of specs that have seduced me in the garb of a power packed bomb called S4.

Scrolling go sexier- They say eyes speak more words than you ever know. Samsung Galaxy S4 has loyally stuck on to this belief and incorporated Smart Scroll and Pause in its latest progeny. Open up a webpage with a touch and make it yours – batting your butterfly lashes! What is sexier is that videos decipher your signal to stop when you look away. Attention seeking kid, I say.

Airy means awesome- Being light in terms of weight means slim but what do you call a phone tinged with Air View? I call it a Samsung. While this feature came into being since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, this time it has got breezier. Minus the S-stylus, flick your finger over the Galaxy S4 screen and see how it unfurls before you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has just got loaded with these super sexy specs – there are more but that is for some other day. For now it’s time to count seconds again. Sony Xperia Z—take a bow. Your time might just be up!