Should We Hop On To Samsung Galaxy S4 Wagon —Or Rather Wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Drive us Nuts?

Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3

Galaxy S4—the “next big thing” has already been out in the markets for a few weeks now. However, less-than-stellar reviews are now doing the rounds with users complaining of overheating and battery drain –making it a feeble successor to the earlier launched Galaxy S3. So will it make sense to hold on the Galaxy S4 and await the launch of the more enterprising Note 3?

The Galaxy S3 is definitely a terrific device—in spite of its battery drains. But then the Galaxy Note 2, with its slogan, “Be Creative, Be Different”, seems to be the blue eyed device for most Samsung lover and users alike. Ever since its release in late September 2012, it has received good reviews –apart from few cases of battery drainage. So why should we not wait for Galaxy Note 3 awaiting release in October and quit rushing into the much acclaimed feature and specs of the Galaxy S4.

Updated features and specs

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released with some killer features including a 5.9-inch screen– larger than the S4’s screen and powered by Samsung’s 8-core Exynos Octa 5 CPU. It will be an upgrade on the S3 and is expected to be “something special”. This so called phablet, much like its sibling the Note 2, will also boast of a full redesign which would include a metal chassis among other features and specs.

The Galaxy Note 3 will also boast of an improved stylus pen and the screen panel of the Galaxy Note 3 will use updated technology for smart touch manipulation.