S4 Mini, S4 Active, S4 Zoom, and S4 Google Edition variations are being added to the Galaxy S4 brand by Samsung. Samsung’s next Galaxy S4 smartphone will also include LTE-Advanced 4G technology making Samsung the first ever company to launch a smartphone with such a unique technology that would help double the data speed which are currently found in the standard wireless speed.


Rumors suggest that the S4 with advanced 4G LTE will be sporting a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Pro processor with clock speeds of 2.3GHz.  The news also confirms that Samsung has shipped over 10 million Galaxy S4 smartphones within 30 days of its launch.

Defending the news that the interest and sales of S4 is slipping, J.K Shin, co-executive chief officer of Samsung addressed that the S4 sales remain strong. As a matter of fact, their sales are stronger than the Galaxy SIII and the new LTE-Advanced will pose another advantage to their high-end segment offerings ensuring strong profit margins.

The carrier partners were not disclosed by Shin but the updated Samsung Galaxy S4 would be sold in South Korea at the earliest in this month. The dates may overlap with a Galaxy and ATIV event Samsung is conducting on June 20, London. It appears that Samsung is looking to take advantage on the Galaxy S4 brand’s success with other S4 variants being officially announced. The company is now expected to launch four new S4 smartphones at the event, along with two Galaxy S4 flagships being shipped, and the S4 Google Edition, making the S4 family of 7 members. Samsung wants to cover its bases and leave the customers with several choices when it comes to the S4 brand.

The updated S4 with 4G LTE-Advanced will only work on carriers supporting the new technology and further details will be available on June 20.