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Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Taking The World By Storm, After Apple iPhone 5 Its Samsung Galaxy S3 In Danger Zone

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With Samsung releasing its Galaxy S4 in mid-May in Canada, the Pebble blue 32GB version of Galaxy S3 is being discontinued by Rogers, the Canadian carrier– so that enough space remains for Galaxy S4.

This decision taken by Rogers, has left people planning to buy the Pebble Blue 32GB Galaxy S3 feeling very unlucky. This specific version of S3 is also unavailable on online stores and handset portals. With the recent changes in place, buyers can now purchase only the 16GB blue or marble white version or the 32GB of Galaxy S3 online.

However, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. According to recent reports from Mobilesyrup, the 32GB Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 can be found at Roger’s mortar and brick stores!

While the nearing launch of Galaxy S4 is a good enough reason for the discontinuation of its 32GB version–it seems unreasonable for Rogers to stop the pebble blue variant and not the marble white one. It may also be possible that the Pebble Blue 32GB version has been discontinued because it was comparatively less popular than the others. Nonetheless, with the launch of Galaxy S4, retailers and carriers may favor the sale of their newer gadget–and may even stop selling the other available versions of Galaxy S3.

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