Samsung is basking in the glory of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is expected that 100 million units of phone would be sold.  Still it is being said by analysts that Samsung is playing by the rule book of Apple. However we are hearing that Samsung Galaxy S5 would shift entirely the way the Samsung Galaxy  series is perceived.

According to one of the analysts in 2014 with the advent of Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung will steal the top slot from Apple.

“Right now that is where it is stuck [under Apple]. With Apple’s form factor and Apple’s design language, chipping away and trying to make a good iPhone, iPad-like product,” wrote Haydn Shaughnessy, who spoke with analyst Jefferson Wang of the consulting firm IBB for an article in Forbes.

“Samsung is probably taking its last steps in Apple’s shadow,” he added. “In 2014 it will transform the computing and online experience, in a way that is unique to its own vision. Critics who think it lacks vision need to think again.”

According to Shaughnessy  in Samsung future plans there is a place for innovative screen technology which might be bendable  and there are possibilities for a new operating system ‘Tizen ‘.

Apple has not been able to seduce people since the first generation Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, may be after such innovative products the expectations from Apple have gone a little higher. While Samsung has played the move with Samsung Galaxy S4, now what remains to see is whether Apple with iPhone 6 would defeat Samsung or would go back and rest in the box.