Loaded with some stunning features Samsung Galaxy S4 is making news across the globe by selling 10 million units  The Galaxy has still unexplored salient features hidden in its menu and settings for users to benefit.

Here we present the top three unfamiliar features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the way to crack them:

Galaxy S4 with gloves on

it’s not only the Nokia Lumia 920 but the Galaxy S4 is also proficient enough to handle with gloves on. The sensitivity has to be set up by going to Settings > My Device Tab > Display > High-touch Sensitivity > On.

Accessing your alerts with air gesture

This is another superb feature for users to access notifications and alerts without touching the gadget physically. Some simple moves with Go to Settings > My Device > Motions and Gestures > Air Gesture > Quick Glance > On. With floating your hand over the S4’s display, get your alerts the easiest way. Missed calls, new texts, battery status, time and icons in the notification bar are displayed once the quick glace is on.

Take snaps with simply commanding

The Galaxy S4’s camera is very obedient as it can take your command and click a snap. Just navigate to the Camera app > Tap Menu > Settings > click the settings cog > Scroll to Voice Control > click On.