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Samsung Galaxy S4 Has A Class Appeal, Would The Class Apart Futuristic Apple iPhone 6 Connect With Samsung Enthusiasts ?

As good a year as 2012 was for Samsung, we can’t really say the same for its archrival Apple. Even though the two tech majors’ courtroom battle is nowhere nearing its end, in terms of sales and popularity however, Samsung did end up emerging as a clear winner. And 2013 also seems to be a promising year for Samsung, going by the way these past few months have been.

After the extremely successful launches of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung recently brought out its latest flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone which has captured a lot of media attention even before hitting the market. Of course, simultaneously, there have been a lot of expectant rumors around what Apple’s busy making in response to this latest gadget.

The iPhone 5 wasn’t received too well, and Apple has enough on its mind trying to ensure that it doesn’t end up losing precious market share when its successor comes out. But there’s also the iPad, which even though is still the most popular tablet in the world, is losing out to Android contenders that are offering much better specs at more reasonable rates.

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While Apple’s immediate concern against Samsung is to bring out a good enough iPhone 6 which can possibly aim to try and compete with the Galaxy S4. And from the rumors we’ve heard, it’s going to be one hell of a fight between these two companies all over again. If the Galaxy S4 has eye tracking and floating touch features, the iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a wraparound display, making both these devices extremely futuristic. Against the more successful Galaxy Note 2, Apple’s planning to include a stylus-like accessory with its iPhone 6. But knowing Apple, the stylus can be expected to do a lot more than just be used as a pen for scribbling notes on the wraparound screen.

And then of course, there are rumors about the iWatch, which has been in the making for quite some time now. Of course, to make matters worse (yet again!) for Apple, Samsung has also decided to step into the game and has announced its intention to create a smart watch. Apple’s iWatch is expected to an iPhone that users can wear on their wrists and do everything and more than the iPhone. In addition to functioning as a smartphone, the iWatch is also expected to help monitor users’ health like other fitness wristbands in the market.

Sure, it sounds all fancy, but now that Samsung’s getting into this space, Apple better make the iWatch too extremely feature-packed to ensure that Samsung doesn’t steal the show again. Even though Samsung has had to shell out about $1 billion to Apple thanks to the patent infringement lawsuits, it has hit upon a winning formula – do what your competition’s doing, but better.

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While Samsung’s got mass appeal, Apple’s always been considered a class apart. But maybe it’s time for Apple to step down from that high horse and connect with real people to increase their target market and make more sales. It’s not just about being innovative – make technology more accessible too. That’s where it has lost out to competitors so far.


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