The new ad from Iceland is quite frenzy and crazy when it says that Apple phones just don’t work but if you get a Samsung, you start performing a mating dance toward a mountain goat.

The ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the weirdest of all and indirectly points to Apple by taking an apple and typing on its skin. And then putting it to your ear and hoping that you will hear more than the echoes from the mountains.

The ad also shows the word ‘pig’ in a caption which can be instantly assumed as Apple phones to be stinky, smelly, and worthy only of slaughter. But the Google Translate defines it as “Get per phone that understands pig.”

We can take the “p” as a “b” and it’s something to do with bigness. And again the Google Translate describes it as “Should get a phone that understands big.” This could mean that Samsung’s phones are larger while the next caption means “Galaxy S4 understands Icelandic”. The clear allegation is that iPhones ( esp the upcoming iPhone 6) don’t work in the Icelandic mountains, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 turns you into a ninja.

The ad can be interpreted in any way but it clearly displays a scene of Galaxy-toting hero performing what can only be a mating dance in the direction of some kind of mountain goat.