Samsung has recently seen a popularity none fathomed. So much so, that even before official snippets of this gadget got leaked on the web, a student from Hong Kong supposedly got hold of on an image of the eagerly-awaited Samsung Galaxy S IV. Surprised? Then be in for a revelation as you read further.

The image was—allegedly—uploaded on Picasa, one month ago! The image caption revealed the sexy gadget as the “Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 Product Image.”

This has got industry pundits talking. Now we know the Galaxy S IV could come with a bezel that has slimmed down from the previous model, while a larger screen could add to the comfort of flicking through the tab. Add to this a home button and users could ask for nothing more when it comes to usability-comfort. Wireless charging clubbed with 5-inch Super AMOLED FHD screen could make you go all-out on the Galaxy S IV. The 13-megapixel shutter and Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor only adds to the wow features that the tab could woo you with!

To sum up, we have news that the Samsung Galaxy S IV could be launched with the GT-I9500. Why so? Since Koreans consider number 4 as am monger of ill luck, GT-I9400 has been left only for the papers.