We are already having butterflies over the Samsung Galaxy S4 that laces its pre-landing buzz with space and spunk enough to steal my sleep away. Here is a no-holds-bar peek into the damsel all decked to arrive with sheen and in style.

The promotion for the Galaxy S4 has outclassed it sleek looks, by our opinion.

The makers are promising lightning fast upgrades on the Android OS for the Galaxy S4. As far as the pricing tale and the timeline for availability is concerned, we failed to get much insight.

However, knowing that this could be the first smarty with IR blaster added to the breezy Air View spec, a winner is surely sharpening swords to push Samsung way above all others—once again. The Multi Window capability harking back to the Note 10.1 and Note 2 also cozies up in the Galaxy S4.

Backed with sturdy quad core Snapdragon processor or perhaps the 1.6 GHz Exynos octacore processor, the Galaxy S4 stands for sexy four times over. At the outset, get seduced with the S4’s Black Mist and the White Frost avatars.