Sunday, July 14, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S4 Casts A Noteworthy Shadow on HTC One: Faces Huge Slump in Sales

The prevailing reports about HTC is not in the favor of the company- don’t get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with the highly acclaimed HTC One, but this time it’s the results for the second quarter of 2013 where the numbers are not healthy.

According to the results, the company’s profits are majorly down by a hefty 83 percent from the last year results of the same quarter. The actual figures are NT$1.25 billion (about $41.63m/£27.7m/AU$45.4m) compared to last year’s NT$91.04 billion (about $3bn/£2bn/AU$3.3bn). While HTC managed to show better results than last quarter of this year because of the HTC One that reportedly sold 5 million units in its first 50 days, HTC One could not become the savior too.

The advertising and marketing of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has definitely cast a noteworthy shadow over HTC in the last few months and it seems that the arrival of the iPhone 5S wouldn’t be helping HTC either.  In the mean time, the sales of the HTC First are largely affected and it is predicted that the handset may not reach UK shores after this slump.

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We can only wait for the much expected HTC One Mini to arrive and do some wonders in favor of the company’s fortunes.


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