Sunday, May 19, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S4 Becoming Irresistible Day By Day, Rumors Say Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Samsung Galaxy S3


Here is what we are hearing about Samsung Galaxy S4. This fierce offering of Samsung may have a full HD OLED panel which would be called Green PHOLED. If that be the case than efficiency of Samsung Galaxy S4 would go up by 25% as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3.

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However it could be possible that instead of PHOLED it is FOLED which is an acronym for phosphorescent organic light-emitting diode. Phosphorescent diodes are more efficient than fluorescent ones. Till now Samsung is using latter ones but we hope that with Samsung Galaxy S4 things would change.

Also a new video of Samsung Galaxy S4 has emerged which clearly show the new feature TouchWiz on the screen of phone and the video divulged that Samsung Galaxy S4 may have a 2,600mAh battery so that the device would last a day at least.

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